Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine Journey

Functional medicine fosters wellness by treating individuals as a whole. Therefore, instead of racing toward a diagnosis and a standard of care treatment, we spend far more time with you in order to understand the big picture of who you actually are. Beginning with how you feel day in and day out, we then work to connect the dots of your health picture.

The basic premise of functional medicine is that the body possesses an innate ability to heal itself. Our job is to help your body heal by correcting nutrient deficiencies, supporting weakened genetic pathways, eliminating or killing harmful elements in the body, and generally removing the barriers that impede the natural healing process.

Along the way we incorporate test findings from cutting-edge laboratories to help us understand the unique picture of your individual biochemistry. An array of lab tests is critical in the development of a customized treatment plan because any one symptom can have numerous different root causes.

After we have a clear understanding of your health history, treatment goals, and lab findings, we will devise a unique protocol comprised of nutraceuticals, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes, along with exercise and sleep recommendations. Periodic follow-ups will enable us to determine if we need to make small adjustments along the way to help you reach your health goals.

Just as everything in the body works together, so too the mind and spirit play critical roles in healing. Time and again we've found that patients dealing with the most difficult chronic conditions are empowered in their healing journeys by actually being heard by their doctor. Unfortunately, it's all too common for traditional allopathic doctors to dismiss patient reports when they don’t fit into the diagnosis-box into which people have been placed.

The systems-based approach that characterizes functional medicine enables us to solve problems that conventional medicine merely papers over. Take depression for instance. Instead of resting content with what drugs will make you feel better in the short-term, we assess all the different systems of the body to find the exact causes of the depression: we trace out what nutrients may be lacking for healthy neurotransmitter function; we look at how well you are actually absorbing the nutrients that you're consuming; we dig into your genetic backdrop to see if you’re synthesizing the compounds needed for healthy brain function; so too we track down and remove any toxic environmental exposures; and finally, we always address the unique composition of the bacteria in your gut which has an immense impact on mental and emotional well-being.  

In short, you can count on Dr. Boynton and his team to leave no stone unturned in the process of helping you find answers when no one else can.

Functional Lab Values

Another important difference between functional and conventional medicine is seen in how we analyze lab values. From the perspective of truly personalized medicine, we're looking for optimal physiological function instead of the catch-all category of 'normal' function.

Quite literally, what's considered a 'normal' level of physiological function for allopathic physicians is merely a statistical average of the actual health of all the people in a given region. Therefore 'normal' lab findings have no necessary connection to healthy function because the measurement never differentiates between healthy and unhealthy people in the first place. 

Our approach to personalized medicine seeks optimal physiological function based on the unique clinical presentation of each patient. If you report not feeling well, then we know that we have more work to do in order to reach optimal physical functioning.

Functional Lab Values chart